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Why bother with perch_layout?

If you’ve built anything with php you’ve probably used <?php include('somefile.php); ?>to ensure you don’t end up repeating the same chunks of code throughout your site. Or maybe, if you’ve come to perch from Wordpress, you’ve used the get_header(); and get_footer(); functions. perch_layout is similar to all these. It’s used to include common page elements. So why bother? Why not just use <?php include();?>?

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Good to go...

About three months ago I got a nice email from Emily Lewis asking if I fancied being a guest on CTRL+CLICK cast and talking about Perch. We set a date in the diary, and I decided that by the time we recorded in mid-August I’d have a Perch users site up. We got to recording and it still wasn’t done, so I made a fresh commitment, ship before the podcast does. That didn’t happen either.

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